Safety Exhaust Filter with New Breakthrough Detector

Prevention of Organic Vapors from Waste Bottles in Laboratories

The VICI exhaust filter is the center of the VICI Jour safety program. When placed on the waste bottle of an HPLC system, the specially treated absorbent removes organic solvent vapor evaporating from the waste solution and protects the laboratory environment against contamination.

The VICI filters have a larger capacity than competing brands. The typical lifetime is up to 10 months for methanol and 8 months for acetonitrile. The newly designed total organic vapor (TOV) breakthrough detector allows additional detection of aliphatic hydrocarbons (i.e. hexane) and aromatic hydrocarbons (i.e. benzene) indicating the saturation of the adsorbent by a color change of the detector.

The VICI offering includes individual filters as well as replacement kits. The kits are available with three filters in a carrying case.

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