The Universal Crusher: Weigh and Crush Using the Same Mixing Cup!

The Top 3 Advantages

An all-rounder: Flexibly adaptable to your sample material


Protection from overheating: Samples protected by cooling and temperature limitation


MultiDrive control: Weighing and crushing in the same mixing cup, no sample transfer

Mix, grind, disperse – no matter whether your samples are hard, soft or fibrous

Want to reliably grind samples with different properties, and using only a single instrument? Then the MultiDrive crusher basic or control is what you need! Thanks to a large number of available vessels, these all-rounders can handle a wide variety of grinding tasks, from coarse to fine crushing. 

Simply change the vessel and process your material, be it meat, seeds, wood pellets, silage, tablets, bones, tissue or leaves. Variable rotation speeds and the 1000 watt output guarantee optimal performance. For extra thorough mixing or coarse crushing of hard samples, simply switch to interval operation at the push of a button.

You want to protect temperature-sensitive samples from overheating or control the reaction temperature? Then simply set your maximum temperature. The milling cups MI 250 T and MI 400 T come with an integrated cooling system that ensures indirect heat dissipation. 

The MultiDrive control saves you a work step by allowing the sample to be weighed in the same mixing cup before crushing, so the contents need not be transferred. 

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