It’s time for a new era in flash point testing

The Top 3 Advantages

Unrivaled ease of use and automation


Premium technology for the highest sample throughput


Maximum safety combined with a perfectly sized design

Standard-compliant analysis with the new Pensky-Martens flash point tester

The new PMA 500 is the ideal solution for automatic high-precision flash point testing.

This stand-alone instrument determines the flash point of petroleum products, biodiesel, solvents, chemicals, fluxed bitumen, and food and beverages according to ASTM D93, EN ISO 2719, and IP 34.

A self-explanatory user interface on a 7” color display makes your daily flash point testing easy and convenient than ever before.

The automatic motor-driven multi-function head guarantees the secure and smooth connection of sensors and actuators without exposed cables and wires.

Thanks to an encapsulated electric igniter with a ten times extended product life, PMA 500 requires almost no maintenance and therefore reduces your operating costs. The new premium cooling technology for high sample throughput enables time savings of up to 10 % per measurement.

A multi-detector combines the flash point detector and the temperature probe in a solid housing. The new safety concept with a unique fire-detection system and a built-in fire extinguisher ensures the highest level of safety.

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