Little ones making it big: Spectrometer modules small enough for handheld devices

The Top 3 Advantages

Palm-sized – perfect for portable analysis instruments


Sensitive – effortlessly covers wavelengths from 1100 to 2500 nm


High resolution – from 5 to 12 nm with a signal-to-noise ratio of > 10,000:1

Palm-sized optics for highly sensitive NIR measurements of food and industrial products

No matter whether you perform process analyses, material inspections or medical examinations, NIR measurements require high resolution with an excellent signal-to-noise ratio. Hamamatsu's Fourier transform infrared spectrometer (FTIR) gives you just that, and its extremely compact size of 76 mm x 57 mm x 49 mm makes it perfect for portable instrumentation. Performing real-time measurements on site is straightforward, without the need for time-consuming sample transportation. The extended InGaAs sensor will not let you miss a detail as the sensor effortlessly covers wavelengths down to 2.5 µm with high sensitivity. Despite the FTIR’s compact size you get all the technical refinements, from the movable mirror to temperature control and the integrated semiconductor laser for monitoring the mirror position. From the fall of 2021, a further developed Fourier transform algorithm will be used for an even better signal-to-noise ratio and higher measurement speeds. Thanks to the integrated USB or – available from fall 2021 – Ethernet interface it is possible to set the measurement parameters and evaluate results conveniently on a PC. We are continuously working on improving our sensors. In the course of 2022 a specially developed and optimized light source will perfectly complement the FTIR engine.

Benefit from our long experience with image sensors and their integration. What are you waiting for?

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