The Pipette That Adapts to Your Hand – for More Relaxed Working

The Top 3 Advantages

Pipette and take it easy: Choose from 3 interchangeable handles to fit the size of your hand.


Convenient pipetting due to low friction and spring force.


One-handed volume adjustment with central multifunctional button.

100% ergonomic, 100% robust: The new IKA pipettes

Are you looking for an ergonomic and robust pipette? Then take a closer look at the IKA PETTE. The three interchangeable, differently shaped handles allow you to adapt the pipette to your hand, and not the other way around. In combination with its low weight of less than 100 g this protects your wrist when pipetting longer series.

IKA PETTE is manufactured for a long pipetting life: robust, shockproof, UV and chemicals resistant. Longevity is also supported by the availability of spare parts, which are guaranteed for 10 years.

Because the pipettes consist of only few individual parts, you can clean and check your pipette in next to no time. And if adjustment is necessary after long periods of use, you can do this yourself without any additional tools.

IKA PETTE is available with 18 different volumes, from 0.1 µl to 10 ml, either fixed volume or variable. So there’s no need to compromise – you’ll find just the right pipette for every task.

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