isoprime precisION stable isotope ratio mass spectrometer

The Top 3 Advantages of the Product

High performance IRMS in a compact benchtop footprint


ionOS IRMS software delivers unrivalled levels of intelligent control


Undertake unique research with a suite of development tools and options

The most flexible, yet powerful isotope ratio mass spectrometer ever created

isoprime precisION stable isotope ratio mass spectrometer offers market-leading gas ionization and mass resolution performance in the most compact footprint possible. It combines exceptional analytical power and unrivalled flexibility to meet the needs of virtually any application, providing the perfect starting point for your research to go in any direction.

isoprime precisION maximizes the possible experimental options by allowing any combination of inlet systems, automatically switching between them using the integrated centrION continuous flow interface system. It can also be interfaced with custom experimental set-ups – using the revolutionary Novel Inlet Control Module (NICM) – and combined with specialized collector arrays to meet your growing research needs.

isoprime precisION has been developed alongside our ionOS software to provide an unmatched level of workflow automation and intelligent control. This intuitive user interface offers unparalleled sophistication and instrument control, giving users the ability to quickly & easily generate exceptional and insightful data.

  • stable isotope analysis

  • soil analysis

  • mass spectrometry

  • carbonate analysis

  • food authenticity testing

  • isotope ratio

  • mass spectrometers

  • paleoclimatology

  • terrestrial and marine ecology

  • isotope ratio mass spectrometers

  • IRMS

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