Determination of hydrogen sulphide and sulphide in liquids, solids and gases - safe and accurate

The Top 3 Advantages of the Product

H2S determination according to DIN 38405-27 in ppm range and already below the odour threshold


Low reagent consumption saves cost and chemical waste


Online version as basis for H2S-dependent control of wastewater treatment

Standard-compliant and simple operation without sample pre-treatment

ECH's analytical systems work with high sample throughputs and low reagent consumption. Usually, the original sample is measured. The effective gas extraction ensures high accuracy in ppm range and below the odour threshold. The devices are easy to operate and easy to calibrate.

The H2S ANALYZER for liquids and gases is available as a laboratory version and as a portable compact version. The lab version can be automated with an autosampler for liquids.

Extend the H2S-ANALYZER with a headspace module to measure solid and pasty samples as well as waste water with sludge particles.

The OnlineH2S with signal output for control systems measures continuously the H2S content in the gas phase. Sample aspiration and rinsing steps take place automatically.

The S-Online detects the true H2S content directly in the liquid phase, even in strongly basic samples. The S-Online tranfers the measured values to control systems and the wastewater treatment can be regulated as needed. The S-Online is also available in an ATEX-compliant enclosure.

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