Fully automated, multi-technique surface analysis system to advance your research

The Top 3 Advantages

Fast, efficient XPS and other spectroscopies: High sensitivity spectroscopy for small area analysis


Software: Avantage software for data collection, analysis and correlation with electron microscopy


In situ sample processing: NX heater and bias module for advanced experiments

Efficient workflows with XPS, UPS, ISS, REELS and Raman spectroscopy

The new Thermo Scientific™ Nexsa™ G2 surface analysis system is a fully automated XPS instrument that seemlessly integrates additional analysis techniques, advancing your understanding of the widest range of sample types including microelectronics, polymers, catalysts or bio-materials. The Nexsa G2 is designed to make advanced surface analysis easy, with intelligent automation, and powerful software. You can also investigate sub-surface and interface chemistry by depth profiling with either a standard ion source or MAGCIS, the monatomic and gas cluster ion source. In-situ sample processing is enabled by the new NX sample heater or the 4-point bias module for electrochemical surface studies. The Avantage software ensures high-quality data collection and analysis, plus new functionality for data correlation with SEM.

  • surface analyzers

  • XPS spectrometers

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