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Fast trace element analysis with TXRF

The Top 3 Advantages

Simultaneous multi-element trace analysis, including halogenides


Analysis of smallest sample amounts in the nanogram or microgram range


Simple quantification using an internal standard without daily calibration

Quantitative and semiquantitative element analysis of liquids, suspensions, solids and contamination

The S2 PICOFOX is a transportable TXRF spectrometer for ultra-trace element analysis. Due to its complete independence of any gas or cooling medium, the analyzer can be used not only in the laboratory but also for on-site analyses in the field. It's working principle is based on total reflection X-ray fluorescence (TXRF) analysis. The use of monochromatic radiation and total reflection optics leads to the following benefits of the S2 PICOFOX:

- Reduced absorption and scattering effects in the sample matrix enable an easy quantification by internal standards.

- Short detector to sample distance leads to an enhanced fluorescence yield.

- Due to the reduced background, detection limits are several orders of magnitude lower.

- Extremely low sample amounts of liquids and powders can be precisely quantified.

  • ultra-trace element analysis

  • air analytics

  • soil analysis

  • biomedical research

  • effluent

  • food fraud prevention in globalized supply chains

  • pharmaceutical research

  • analytical systems

  • food safety

  • water

  • total reflection x-ray fluorescence spectrometers

  • spectrometers

  • TXRF analysis

  • high performance spectrometer

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