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Whatman folded filter papers

The Top 3 Advantages

Convenient stacking and packing options are available


Quadrant: space saving; pyramid/cone: ready to go into the funnel; pleated: reduced filtration time


Fast. Easy. Efficient

Convenient folded formats speed up your sample preparation

Many grades of our qualitative and quantitative filter paper are available as fluted circles. We also offer a selection of pre-folded cones, quadrant-folded and pyramid-folded filter papers. These convenient formats eliminate time consuming manual pleating or folding, streamlining operations in busy labs.

Whatman™ ready-to-use folded filter papers from Cytiva support your application needs, save valuable time, and provide ease of use when undertaking repetitive or multiple analysis.

In addition to improving overall lab efficiency, reduced paper handling reduces the risk of cross contamination. The multiple benefits of this single modification in testing technique can lead to improved data quality and throughput.

  • cement/mining

  • food and beverage testing

  • labs that undertake repetitive or multiple analysis

  • metal testing

  • soil testing

  • automation

  • fluted

  • folded

  • qualitative filter paper

  • quantitative filter paper

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