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Whatman GD/X syringe filters

The Top 3 Advantages

Processes three to seven times more sample volume – save time


Requires less hand pressure, even with the most difficult samples – save your sample


Prefiltration stack of Whatman GMF 150 and GF/F glass microfiber media – save your thumb

A solution for difficult to filter samples

The Whatman GD/X™ range is specifically designed for difficult to filter, high particulate loaded samples prior to a variety of analytical methods. Constructed of a pigment-free polypropylene housing with a prefiltration stack, these filters remove sample contamination and allow you to filter even the most difficult samples with less hand pressure. These syringe filters can process three to seven times more sample volume than standard syringe filters. GMF 150 medium has a coarse top layer meshed with a fine bottom layer that retains particles to 1.0 μm. A GF/F filter then retains particles down to 0.7 μm. The prefilter stack ends with a final membrane. Available in 13 mm (for samples up to 10 mL) and 25 mm (>10 mL) diameter. Cytiva also offers sterile versions.

The filter construction facilitates exceptional loading capacity with fast flow rates. This prevents the build up of back pressure typically caused by the blocking of an unprotected membrane.

This product is recyclable, please reach out to find out more.

  • dissolution testing

  • food analysis

  • composite assay

  • concentration analysis

  • content uniformity testing

  • environmental samples

  • routine sample preparation

  • difficult filtration

  • high particulate

  • one-step filtration

  • viscous

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