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The fastest automated Raman imaging microscope

The Top 3 Advantages

Faster Raman imaging than ever before through new optics and intelligent software


Scan over the sample surface highly accurate, confocal without moving the sample


Only one spectrometer with highest optical throughput from UV to NIR

Highest light throughput, precision, automation and intelligent software for high-speed-imaging

The LabRAM Soleil has it all. A novel optical design and the use of dielectric mirrors for unprecedented light throughput in the entire spectral range (UV-VIS-NIR) in combination with the new intelligent imaging algorithm SmartSampling result in Raman Imaging at unprecedented speeds. A further highlight is the patented QScan module, which allows the excitation laser to be moved over the entire image section without moving the sample. Confocal at any point. This allows, for example, fast imaging of thin multilayer samples or provides more freedom with direct measurement point selection via the video image for non-moving samples, such as in temperature or reaction chambers. The LabRAM Soleil is self-adjusting, changes lasers and gratings automatically and objectives are detected automatically. This saves time, reduces the workload and allows extensive self-operation or easy remote maintenance of the instrument. The Soleil is not only faster, it also gets more information out of the spectra. The standard cut-off at 30cm-1 also allows the measurement of low frequency bands.

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