Simplify your complex analytical chromatography tasks

The Top 3 Advantages

Automates complex chromatography tasks through high flexibility


Loss-free sample feed and lowest carry-over values


Ideal autosampler for LC MS/MS or GC MS/MS

With a liquid handler, you can flexibly automate your sample introduction

Laboratory automation and complex tasks are becoming increasingly important. With the Liquid Handler LH 8.1 for analytical applications, KNAUER offers a solution to make these tasks easier for laboratory professionals. Designed for high-throughput applications, the LH 8.1 can be used in both (U)HPLC and GC. The combination of lossless sample introduction with lowest carry-over values makes the LH 8.1 the ideal autosampler for LC MS/MS or GC MS/MS applications. The expandable platform not only allows the integration of multiple switching valves for complex applications - depending on the configuration, it also allows the use of up to 12 well plates or 576 standard HPLC vials (incl. cooling). The LH 8.1 platform will be expanded in the future with modules for sample preparation. Communication protocols are available for OEM customers, allowing easy integration into their own software. Which tasks can we automate for you?

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