New Multi-Liter Hydrogen generator by VICI DBS

The Top 3 Advantages

Central hydrogen supply for your laboratory


More safety: avoidance of gas cylinders in the laboratory


Excellent hydrogen quality up to 99.9995%

Generate up to 18l/min of Hydrogen

Reliability and constant high productivity are the requirements for today's and tomorrow's gas generators.
This high-volume model range is the latest hydrogen generators from VICI DBS, covering the whole range of applications with high hydrogen purity of 99.9995%.
Four variants are offered with flow rates of 4.5l, 9l, 13.5l and 18l. The proven PEM (ProtonExchangeMembrane) technology with titanium cells guarantees maximum durability with minimum maintenance.
The modular design also allows for modular use: should one of 4 cell units fail, the others can continue to produce.
The unit is mobile and has a small foot print. Commissioning is simple and therefore cost-saving.
The intuitive control system is operated via the 7" touch screen.
Safety is always in focus! Therefore, the multi-liter generator itself has only a small hydrogen storage unit and an automated shutdown system, which reacts in case of internal and external hydrogen leakage, overpressure and too low water level.

  • gas chromatography

  • chemical vapor deposition

  • artificial diamonds

  • balloon filling

  • electronics manufacturing

Target Industries
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