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Matching components for the sample introduction system of your ICP instrument

ICP analysis of sample solutions with high dissolved solids is challenging. The high TDS concentrations stress the sample introduction system of the ICP instrument, can lead, for example, to salt crystallization at the nebulizer tip and increased wear of the torch. This is associated with very high costs for the replacement of parts and especially for downtime of the ICP device.

To meet these challenges, we offer a wide range of components: Suitable borosilicate glass nebulizers (SEASPRAY) and salt-insensitive plastic nebulizers up to highly inert PFA nebulizers (PFA 260), low-maintenance argon humidifiers (ELEGRA) for humidifying the argon stream to prevent crystallization of salts on the nebulizer tip, devices for cleaning nebulizers (ELUO nebulizer cleaning syringe), injectors with large inner diameter, demountable torches (D-TORCH), optionally with ceramic outer tube for maximum service life, spray chambers for especially fine droplet distribution and relief of injector and torch.

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