Flexible LC platform for the purification of active ingredients and other valuable substances

The Top 3 Advantages

Automate purification procedures to save time and increase reproducibility


Re-inject fractions separated by LC with high precision


High-throughput fractionation for research applications

Facilitates the purification of natural and pharmaceutical active ingredients or other substances

The purity of valuable substances such as active pharmaceutical ingredients, biomolecules or fine chemicals determines their applicability. Liquid chromatography (LC) has established itself as a powerful and gentle separation method for purification. However, multi-batches or samples with many fractions often require user intervention, which can cost time, introduce impurities and reduce reproducibility.

KNAUER's AZURA Purifier is an extremely flexible LC platform for purification tasks in the research laboratory and for the production of pure substance up to several grams. The Liquid Handler takes this modular LC system to a new level. Multi-step procedures can be fully automated - without risk of contamination. This is made possible by precise "low-loss" sample injection and free usability of the work area for samples and collected fractions in variable vessel sizes. A capacity of up to 1440 samples on 96 microtiter well plates enables high-throughput as a sampler or fractionator. Experience a new freedom for your LC purification.

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