Zeta Potential Analyzer for Solid Surfaces

The Top 3 Advantages

Patented technology: oscillatory streaming potential measurement for highly accurate results


Transparent measuring cells: fillable with high reproducibility & easy-to-clean


Quick results: single measurements and automated titrations for isoelectric point

Powders, fibers & flat samples: Electrochemical analysis helps understanding surface interactions

The zeta potential of a surface is determined in order to characterise its electrochemical properties, and to better understand its interactions, e.g. with paints, adhesives and proteins. For powders, fibers as well as flat samples measurements are carried out quickly, easily, and precisely with the Zeta Potential Analyzer ZPA 20 from DataPhysics Instruments.

The ZPA 20 works with a patented oscillatory streaming potential measurement method, which minimises polarisation of electrodes. It measures the zeta potential within a short time, and with high statistic quality. Transparent measuring cells for fibers and powders as well as for flat, plate-shaped samples are available. They convince by convenient handling, can be filled with high reproducibility, and are easy to clean.

To determine the isoelectric point (IEP) of a surface, a liquid dosing system can be attached to the ZPA 20, which allows an automated pH variation. Fast equilibration, owing to the oscillatory streaming, saves time and makes high sample throughput possible.

  • material analysis

  • surface analysis

  • zeta potential measurement

  • determination of the isoelectric point

  • adhesive technology

  • coating technology

  • filter development

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