About DataPhysics

For 25 years, DataPhysics Instruments has offered measurement technology to characterise surfaces and interfaces. The innovative company with headquarters in Stuttgart, Germany, develops and manufactures devices which allow to determine important chemical properties, such as surface tension and surface energy, work of adhesion, static and dynamic contact angles, roughness profiles and zeta potential as well as destabilisation mechanisms. Additionally, the company offers contract testing services in all areas mentioned above.

The devices from DataPhysics Instruments are used not only in fundamental academic research, but also in a variety of industry fields. These include, amongst others, the development of paint and varnishes, glues and seals, foodstuffs, fibres and textiles as well as cosmetics and pharmaceutical products. Additionally, companies working in the areas of surface treatment, medical and microsystems technology, oil production as well as battery development are part of DataPhysics Instruments’ customer base. In short, the devices of DataPhysics Instruments are needed whenever a liquid meets another liquid or a solid.

Facts about DataPhysics
  • Founding: 1997
  • Focus : Manufacturer
  • Employees: 11-50
  • Industry : Production technology

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