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OCA 200 by DataPhysics

Using contact angle meter to comprehensively characterise wetting behaviour, solids, and liquids

With its intuitive software and as a modular system, the OCA 200 answers to all customers’ needs

Modular device can be fitted perfectly to almost all measuring needs ✓ Measure contact angle of up to 30 picolitre small drops on small as well as on large-scale solids ✓ Newly developed software offers smart user guidance, live analysis and instant replay functions ✓...

analyzers coatings contact angle +15
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DCAT by DataPhysics

High precision tensiometer for surface and interface analysis

Modular, extendable, powerful - ideal for laboratory and research

Modular tensiometer – extensions like temperature chamber and Langmuir trough available ✓ Camera module allows image-weight correlation to determine adhesive force per unit area ✓ Dosing unit with up to four syringes for an efficient automatic measurement of the CMC ✓...

adhesive force measurement analyzers coating development +17
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Ayríís by KRÜSS

Ayríís – Surface quality control has never been so easy and reliable

The measurement: conceivably simple and definite

Evaluation of a model of a dosed drop reconstructed on the basis of reflection patterns ✓ Unambiguous result validation with user-defined quality limits ✓ Mobile measurement on large workpieces and finished products ✓...

contact angle measurement contact angle measuring instruments mobile measuring systems +5

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