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Affinity ITC by TA Instruments

Designed for the most challenging life science laboratory environments

Gold Standard in Drug Development, Functional understanding of binding interactions

Most sensitive and precise titration calorimeter ✓ Effective and gentle mixing for delicate samples ✓ Reliable & robust automation, needle never breaks ✓...

binding analysis drug design drug-receptor interactions +6
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DSC 5+ by Mettler-Toledo

Differential Scanning Calorimeter DSC 5+

The New Standard for DSC Measurements in Resolution, Sensitivity and Productivity

FlexMode - the Measurement Mode is selectable between DSC Measurement in Power Compensation or Heat ✓ Electrical Heat Flux Calibration enables exactly repeatable Measurements, without additional Calibra ✓ Robust Sample Changer for Automatic Processing of up to 96 Samples and 7 Reference Crucibles ✓...

analysis of crystallization behavior crystallization analysis crystallization monitoring +11
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NEW Battery Cycler Microcalorimeter Solution by TA Instruments

Battery Cycler Microcalorimeter Solution

In-operando measurement tool for the thermodynamic and electrochemical details of battery cells

Maximize efficiency with simultaneous in-operando testing of up to 12 whole battery cells ✓ Reduce testing time with rapid comparison of multiple configurations and chemistries ✓ Identify early indicators of battery efficiency with rapid detection of parasitic heat reactions ✓...

battery analysis battery calorimeters battery cyclers +6

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