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Runge mikron 71 by Wissenschaftliche Gerätebau F. F. Runge

Mini fluorescence detector for HPLC: Highly precise and customizable

Discover the smallest detector with customizable light sources for precise laboratory analyses

small: diameter 32 mm (1.25 in.), length 128 mm (5 in.), fits into any system ✓ cool: the led light source stays cold, the detector can operate at 3 °C, ideal for bioanalysis ✓ bio-compatible: only quartz-glass and PEEK a wetted, available in USP Class VI ✓...

active ingredient purification analytica API purification +11
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Quantaurus-QY by Hamamatsu Photonics

High-speed UV/NIR photoluminescence spectrometer

Precise quantum yield measurements in milliseconds without reference standards

Measures in milliseconds instead of minutes ✓ No standards needed ✓ Simple operation and intuitive software ✓ ......

emission measurement fluorescence detectors fluorescence spectrometers +8

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