A specialist benchtop triple filter mass spectrometer for the monitoring of evolved gases & vapours

The Top 3 Advantages

mass range options: 200, 300 or 510 amu


detection to 5 ppb


Configured with heated Quartz Inert Capillary (QIC) for continuous sampling of gases and vapours

Providing improved resolution & abundance sensitivity with an ultimate detection limit of 5 ppb sub

The Hiden HPR-20 R&D gas analysis system is configured for continuous analysis of gases and vapours at pressures near atmosphere in standard form, alternative systems being offered for applications requiring direct sampling from higher pressures to 30 bar. Mass range is 200 amu as standard. The Hiden QIC quartz-lined sampling interface operating at up to 200oC provides fast response times of less than 300 milliseconds for most common gases and vapours, including water vapour.

The HPR-20 R&D system includes the Hiden 3F series triple-stage mass filter mass spectrometer and is recommended for applications requiring optimum abundance sensitivity and/or analyses of corrosive or condensable species. Detection limit to 5PPB subject to spectral interface, including optimised ion source configuration.

An external dry scroll pump is included to provide high performance combined sample bypass and UHV foreline pumping to provide optimum performance for applications with significant concentration of light gases, helium carrier gas for example.

  • environmental monitoring

  • Continuous gas reaction monitoring

  • Fermentation analysis

  • Fuel cell research

  • Gas separation studies

  • Green Hydrogen analysis

  • High purity gas analysis

  • TGA-MS

  • Vehicle exhaust analysis

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