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A true all-rounder and innovative multi-component gas analyzer

The Top 3 Advantages

Measurement of up to 10 components - up to 4 simultaneously


Certified for global usage and for nearly all industries


Easy installation, no calibration gases needed

Unsurpassed flexibility with regards to measuring range and tasks

Due to its multi-component design with UV and NDIR technology for the measurement of up to three IR active components and optionally available electrochemical sensors (O₂ and H₂S measurement), the ULTRAMAT 23 is highly economical, efficient and space saving. A unique advantage is the integrated automatic calibration function with ambient air. A check with test gases is therefore only necessary once a year. The menu-guided operation in plain text enables users and service personnel to operate the device immediately. You don't have to be a specialist to operate the analyzer - the ULTRAMAT 23 impresses with its intuitive operability. Gas analyzers must meet high demands and be versatile, robust, intelligent, reliable and affordable. The ULTRAMAT 23 meets all these requirements and more.

  • emission monitoring in asphalt mixing plants

  • emission monitoring in bio gas applications

  • emission monitoring in blast furnaces

  • emission monitoring in cement plants

  • emission monitoring in fire safety applications

  • emission monitoring in waste incineration plants

  • gas analyzers

  • emission monitoring device

  • multi-component gas analyzer

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