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Eliminate transcription errors, speed up working processes and ensure traceability. Switch between paper, continuous self-adhesive labels and labels. Just plug in and start printing. Print on continuous paper or continuous self-adhesive labels for full documentation of results. For easy, error-free sample identification, print individual labels with all sample information as well as barcodes for even faster processes.

Noiseless Speed

The state-of-the-art direct thermal printing technology in the P-56 and P-58 is clean, vibration-free and exceptionally quiet. And extremely fast too, with a printout speed of up to 10 cm per second.

Durable Printouts

Under proper storage conditions, the newly developed archive-grade fadeproof paper will last up to 25 years, and single and continuous labels up to 10. All papers are phenol-free and resistant to plasticizers, oil, fat and water.

Easy Operation

Simply connect via RS232, USB, Ethernet or the optional Bluetooth, load your printing paper in one easy step and you’re ready to start printing. The user interface is available in 9 languages and alerts ensure you can keep on working without interruption.

Intelligence Inside

The higher specification P-58 has built-in functions for statistics, formulation and totaling as well as an advanced application for label printing. The P-56 is the smart choice for printing under the control of intelligent laboratory instruments.

Broad Compatibility

Thermal printers P-56RUE and P-58RUE are compatible with a long list of METTLER TOLEDO Lab Instruments.

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Thermal printers: P-50

Fast and Error-free Documentation