Ultrafast Fat Analyzer for All Foods

Fat Determination in under 30 Seconds

Process and laboratory staff in the food industry are increasingly pressed for time. The fat content of ever more samples must be determined fast and accurately.

Until recently, there was no reliable method to determine the fat content in different foods in less than 30 seconds.

One method is to use potentially hazardous wet chemicals but the results are available only hours later. Then there are the so-called fast methods such as NIR, FT-IR or NMR. They enable faster fat determination in food but, in practice, tend to be cumbersome.

Their downsides range from complicated, sample-dependent calibration to questionable results when the sample matrix is not known.

The solution: Easier and safer fat determination

CEM has vastly improved the NMR method, resulting in Oracle, the ultrafast fat analyzer for the food industry.

Oracle allows you to determine the fat content within 30 seconds even in unknown samples and without time-consuming method development or cumbersome calibration. Fat determination using Oracle does not require hazardous chemicals, so you’ll work safer than with wet chemical reference methods.

Fat determination as precise as with reference methods

Oracle yields results with the accuracy and reliability of the reference methods, such as Gerber, Weibull-Stoldt, Röse-Gottlieb or Schmidt-Bondzynski-Ratzlaff. It meets all common standards such as DIN, ISO, USP, LMBG and ASTM.

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