Muffle furnaces: Phönix Muffle Furnace

Phönix Microwave Muffle Furnace


Reduce Analysis Times from Hours to Minutes

The Phönix Black™ Muffle Furnaces enable companies in many diverse industries to improve their process control, allowing them to make rapid adjustments to reduce "out-of-specification" product.

These systems can perform many high temperature applications up to 97% faster than traditional muffle furnaces. The standard Phönix Black Muffle

Furnace configuration features:

  • Programmable temperature control
  • Auto-Start/Auto-Shutdown software
  • Built-in exhaust system
  • Entry and storage of up to 20 methods
  • Built-in calibration software
  • Over-temperature and thermocouple failure safeguards
  • Built-in system diagnostics

Use any type of crucible normally used in a conventional muffle furnace, including platinum!

The Phönix Systems are rugged, easy-to-use and engineered to be dependable. Temperature verification and temperature calibration for ISO and GLP practices are quickly and easily performed with optional accessories including NIST traceable dual thermocouples and calibration source instruments.

Phönix Black satisfies the equipment requirements for "electrically heated" furnaces in the following methods: ASTM, USP (281 - ROI & 733-LOI), AOAC, FDA, ISO & DIN.

Phönix Black also meets the requirements for applications listing a "microwave-heated" furnace: ASTM D5630-94, ASTM D1506-94b.





Product classification


ash determination
dry ashing
microwave ashing
rapid ashing
sulfated ashing

Product categories

microwave incinerators
quick ashing unit
waste analysis

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Muffle furnaces: Phönix Muffle Furnace

Phönix Microwave Muffle Furnace