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Data Management Platform by LabV Intelligent Solutions

Turn data into better products

Maximum efficiency in the laboratory with LabV’s AI-powered data management platform

Integration of all data from any device and any IT-infrastructure with patented mapper ✓ From data integration to data exploitation ✓ AI-powered digital assistent ✓...

data management software Lab Automation laboratory data management +7
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Michell QMA601-LR by Process Sensing Technologies PST

Precise moisture measurement in the sub-ppm range

Robust and highly accurate, ideal for NGL fractionation and LNG liquefaction

Reliable low-range measurement from 0.02 to 100 ppmV ✓ Accuracy of ±0.03ppmV or 10 % of reading ✓ IECEx, ATEX, UKCA, TR CU Ex certified for Exd flameproof, cQPSus certified for explosion proof ✓...

gas analysis gas analyzers moisture analysis +8
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La sonda Raman ATEX integrada por láser by Hellma

Laser integrated ATEX Raman probe opens new horizons for users and manufacturers

For applications in the chemical, petro-chemical and pharmaceutical industries

Works togehter with almost any Raman spectrometer ✓ Multiple process interface configurations possible ✓ Save operation in potentially explosive areas (ATEX) ✓...

beverage analysis bioanalysis biopharmaceutical analysis +6
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Synaptic by Synaptic Lab

Combine any laboratory devices to create an automated experimental procedure

Dose, stir, measure, report - control your process centrally and collect measured values

Control laboratory equipment and test systems via an app ✓ Maximum reproducibility through complete documentation ✓ Access your test results securely via the cloud anytime, anywhere ✓...

cell culturing data acquisition documentation +16
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PromoChrom - Presto by PromoChrom Technologies

New SPE system with 8 channels: Ultimate efficiency in solid phase extraction

Ultra-fast - process 1,000 mL samples in just 10 to 20 minutes

Continuous pumps for sample loading – boost efficiency and resistance to sample particulates ✓ Empty line detection - stops at end of sample and notifies user in case of problems ✓ Pressure monitoring and flow correction - caters to variation in matrix, warns in case of pressure ✓...

drinking water extraction environmental sample analysis extraction systems +8
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LenS3 MALS-V Dual Detector by Tosoh

Advanced triple detection solution for GPC polymer analysis

The only all-in-one detector for multi-angle light scattering (MALS) and viscometry

Integrated MALS-Visco detector to analyze structure, shape, and conformation of polymers in solution ✓ Simple solution for triple detection when combined with a concentration detector (UV or RI) ✓ Complimentary easy-to-use and most advanced triple detection GPC/SEC software ✓...

analytica branching analysis conformation analysis +13
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alphaCART by WITec

Mobile Raman microspectroscopy: laboratory analysis directly on the object

Non-destructive analysis of large, immobile samples that do not fit under a microscope

Nondestructive analysis of large or precious samples that can’t be brought to a standard microscope ✓ Outstanding resolution and sensitivity for precise Raman characterization without compromise ✓ High confocality enables experiments through glass and in reaction chambers ✓...

analytica archaeology chemical analysis +16
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FirePlate-O2 by PyroScience

Precisely measure oxygen in 96-well microtiter plates

Improve your processes with fast and accurate O2 measurements

compact, user-friendly & configurable ✓ incubator-compatible ✓ flashing performance in 96 wells ✓...

analytica biotechnology cell cultures +14
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XPR Essential by Mettler-Toledo

XPR Essential Laboratory Balances – Highly accurate results with just the features you need

Reliable Performance for the Years to Come

Accurate Results and Low Minimum Weight ✓ Built to Last ✓ Ergonomic Weighing ✓...

analytica analytical balances laboratory balances +2
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speedwave XTRACT by Berghof

Microwave sample preparation: Fast and safe

speedwave XTRACT: High efficiency and low operating costs for environmental and food analyses

Lowest operating costs - unsurpassed service life and warranty also on the vessels ✓ Simple, intuitive operation - No sensor connection, simply open, close and clean vessels ✓ SafePrep - maximum safety Both for microwave digestion and extraction ✓...

analytica environmental analysis environmental analytics +13
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MX-scales, MR-scales, MA-scales, LA-scales by Mettler-Toledo

New generation of laboratory balances for a wide range of applications

Excellent performance, durable instruments and simple operation

Intelligent, integrated functions and intuitive operation make your daily work easier ✓ Accurate, reliable results you can trust and improved GxP compliance ✓ High-quality and sustainable materials guarantee long-lasting performance ✓...

analytica analytical balances laboratory balances +7
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multi N/C x300 Serie by Analytik Jena

The TOC/TNb analyzer that really makes your work easier

Automated analyses without sample dilution, long-term stable calibration

Low deployment of staff due to one-year stable calibration and minimal maintenance effort ✓ Short familiarization period thanks to intuitive operation and proven software validation services ✓ Especially low wear and tear for particle-containing samples thanks to unique injection technologies ✓...

analytica biotechnology boiler feed water analysis +14
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UV Mini-Spectrometer C16767MA by Hamamatsu Photonics

UV-sensitive model of mini-spectrometer micro series

New UV Spectrometer

Image sensor with enhanced resistance to UV light ✓ Diffraction grating compatible with UV light ✓ Stray light filter formed on image sensor ✓...

air analytics analysis of hazardous air pollutants miniature spectrometers +7
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Redeem continuous-flow Photoreactor by Redeem Solar Technologies

Scalable, green and efficient synthesis with the Redeem photoreactor

The new Redeem photoreactor opens up unique possibilities in the world of chemical synthesis

Maximum flexibility through customization and scalability ✓ Maximum product purity and selectivity thanks to an integrated membrane ✓ No catalyst purification due to a fixed solid catalyst (optional) ✓...

chemical synthesis continuous flow reactors drug synthesis +8
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The first active oil-water separator: safe, clean, modular

Innovative oil-water separator revolutionizes condensate treatment in compressed air stations

Safe: Intelligent control, remaining capacity display and fail-safe mode ✓ Clean: Ergonomic handling and protection against contamination ✓ Modular: Unit cartridge for decision-making confidence, easy procurement and inventory management ✓...

compressed air condensate compressed air quality compressed air systems +11