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Limsophy by AAC Infotray

Optimise your laboratory processes with Limsophy LIMS

Seamless integration and process optimisation in laboratory data management

Data must be able to bypass systems and technologies easily and persist over time. The software Limsophy helps hereby...

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SphereSpectro 150H by Gigahertz Optik

SphereSpectro 150H -Patented Spectrophotometer

Determining the spectral absorption coefficient and effective scattering coefficient of scattering

For clear samples the classical 8°/d measurement geometry is supported ✓ Different stages of expansion in the spectral range UV, VIS to IR ✓ Patented Measuring System ✓...

active ingredient analysis analytica biophotonics +10
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Mikroskopie-Zubehör by AHF analysentechnik

Optimize your fluorescence microscopy with premium accessories

Discover next generation optical filters and LED light sources

Precise fluorescence signals ✓ Reliable and powerful fluorescence excitation ✓ OEM solutions & free product demos...

bandpass filters beam splitters fluorescence microscopy +13
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