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N. D. Zelinsky Institute of Organic Chemistry

Leninsky Prospect
47 Moskau
Russian Federation
+7 499 137 2944
+7 499 135 5328

Short description

Zelinsky Institute of Organic Chemistry (ZIOC) was established by Presidium of the USSR Academy of Sciences on February 23 1934. The list of its Directors opens up with the name of Full Academy Member, Professor A.E. Favorsky (1934-39) succeeded by Full Academy Members, Professors A.N. Nesmeyanov (1939-54), B.A. Kazansky (1954-66), N.K. Kochetkov (1966-88), and V A. Tartakovsky (1988-2002).At present, the Institute is headed by RAS Full Member, Professor Mikhail P Egorov.

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    Strong odor challenge of mercaptans

    Mercaptans or thiols are a special class of organic compounds that contains sulfur functional group, RSH. Various sulfur compounds are highly demanded in the formation of new materials in photonics, optics, pharmaceutical industry, organic chemistry, and nanotechnology. Sulfur derivatives a ... more

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