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London Centre for Nanotechnology

17-19 Gordon Street
WC1H 0AH London
United Kingdom

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The London Centre for Nanotechnology is an interdisciplinary joint enterprise between University College London and Imperial College London. In bringing together world-class infrastructure and leading nanotechnology research activities, the Centre aims to attain the critical mass to compete with the best facilities abroad. Research programmes are aligned to three key areas, namely Planet Care, Healthcare and Information Technology and bridge together biomedical, physical and engineering sciences. Website:

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    "Are your nanostructures feeling the strain?"

    In collaboration with the Argonne National Laboratory, Dr. Marcus Newton of the Advanced Technology Institute at the University of Surrey and Professor Ian Robinson of the London Centre for Nanotechnology have for the first time mapped strain in three-dimensions in a single nanoscale object ... more

    Imaging quantum entanglement

    An international team including scientists from the London Centre for Nanotechnology (LCN) published findings in the journal 'Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences' (PNAS) demonstrating the dramatic effects of quantum mechanics in a simple magnet. The importance of the work lies i ... more

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