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Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics

457 Zhongshan Road
116023 Dalian

Short description

Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics (DICP), ChineseAcademy of Sciences (CAS) was founded in March, 1949. It is a multidisciplinary institute engaging in both fundamental and applied researches of chemistry and chemical engineering, especially with strong abilities for technological development. Over the span of half a century, DICP has conducted researches of many fields, all integrating closely with the needs of national economic reconstructions. It has developed its own features in catalytic chemistry, engineering chemistry, organic synthetic chemistry, chemical lasers and molecular reaction dynamics, as well as in modern analytical chemistry, especially in chromatography. A large number of achievements have been obtained, which have made important contribution in national economic reconstructions.

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    'Milder' ammonia synthesis method should help environment

    A Chinese research team has developed a "milder" way to synthesize ammonia by requiring lower temperature and pressure than the current method. The process offers great promise for saving energy and reducing carbon dioxide emissions. The new process was developed by a research team led by P ... more

    New ways to use biomass

    Alternatives to fossil fuels and natural gas as carbon sources and fuel are in demand. Biomass could play a more significant part in the future. Researchers in the USA and China have now developed a new catalyst that directly converts cellulose, the most common form of biomass, into ethylen ... more

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