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Institut Ruder Boskovic

Bijenicka 54
10000 Zagreb
+385 1 4561 111

Short description

The Ru?er Boškovi? Institute (RBI) is the largest multidisciplinary research centre in Croatia with strengths in basic science and applied science research as well as higher education. It was founded in 1950 as a centre for advanced research and named after the famous 18th century Croatian scientist Josip Ru?er Boškovi? (1711- 1787). The multidisciplinary character of the Institute is manifested in different research fields in physics, chemistry, oceanography (including marine and environmental research and geosciences), biology, biomedicine, computer science and electronics/engineering. The Institute gathers a staff of 867, including 542 research staff (344 PhDs) and 325 support and technical staff. Since its inception as a multidisciplinary public research institute, funded to a large extent by the Croatian Ministry of Science, Education and Sports, the RBI mission has been dependent upon the particular needs of our society. The RBI has consistently end

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