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cmc Instruments GmbH, Germany


Metrohm AG, Switzerland

We are the German sales organization of Metrohm AG, Switzerland, one of the world's leading instrument manufacturers for ion analysis. Our analytical systems are used for product development, quality assurance, process monitoring, environmental protection and include instruments for titration, ion c more

Mettler-Toledo GmbH, Switzerland


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Microprocessor controlled data acquisition and evaluation in real-time

Data acquisition and evaluation in real time ✓ Autonomous operation without PC-based software ✓ Compact and easy to integrate designs more

Single Device for Multi-Analyte Measurements in a Single Sample

The new FireSting-PRO is an unprecedented one device-solution, freely configurable for all optical oxygen, pH, and temperature sensors from PyroScience more

Little ones making it big: Spectrometer modules small enough for handheld devices

Fourier transform infrared spectrometer ✓ Ultra compact ✓ High-sensitivity NIR measurements ✓ Minimal dark current ✓s more

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Detecting nerve agents with the touch of a finger

There’s a reason why farmers wear protective gear when applying organophosphate pesticides. The substances are nerve agents that are very effective at getting rid of unwanted bugs, but they can also make humans sick. Even more potent, related compounds -- organophophate nerve agents -- are deadl ... more

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The Chemistry of Vehicle Emissions Reduction & The Volkswagen Scandal

Volkswagen have been in the news for all the wrong reasons. The company admitted to installing a ‘defeat device’ in millions of cars which made it appear in emissions tests that they emitted far lower levels of particular pollutants than they actually did in normal road conditions. Plenty of article more

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Catadioptric sensor

Catadioptric sensor A catadioptric sensor is a visual sensor that contains mirrors (catoptrics ) and lenses (dioptrics ). The word catadioptric originally appeared in telescope design, but the term catadioptric sensor has come to refer to pa ... more


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