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Synchrotron Radiation

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  • No assembly required

    Scientists at Tokyo Institute of Technology, RIKEN and Tohoku University have developed a silicone polymer chain that can self-assemble into a 3D periodic structure. They achieved this by using their recently reported self-assembling triptycene molecules to modify the ends of the polymer chains. The more

  • Artificial intelligence accelerates discovery of metallic glass

    If you combine two or three metals together, you will get an alloy that usually looks and acts like a metal, with its atoms arranged in rigid geometric patterns. But once in a while, under just the right conditions, you get something entirely new: a futuristic alloy called metallic glass. The amorph more

  • New X-ray spectroscopy explores hydrogen-generating catalyst

    Using a newly developed technique, researchers from Japan, Germany and the U.S. have identified a key step in production of hydrogen gas by a bacterial enzyme. Understanding these reactions could be important in developing a clean-fuel economy powered by hydrogen. The team studied hydrogenases - enz more

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Synchrotron radiation

Synchrotron radiation built in 1946, the origin of the discovery of synchrotron radiation. :This article concerns the physical phenomenon of synchrotron radiation. For details on the production of this radiation in laboratories, see synchrotron ... more


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