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How Multispectral Imaging Can Help You Quickly Reach The Right Diagnosis for (Burn) Wounds

More accurate wound assessment helps to alleviate pain and save lives

Spectral MD (Dallas, Texas) is a medical device developer of non-invasive diagnostic tools allowing clinicians to look deep into the body for wound management, burn analysis and assessment of chronic conditions such as diabetic ulcers and peripheral vascular disease.
Their DeepView™ Wound Imaging System uses multispectral imaging technology from Ocean Optics.




Recently, we interviewed Spectral MD’s Brian McCall, an Imaging Systems Engineer, about the challenges of wound assessment and his experience in working with Ocean Optics.

OO: How are innovative imaging technologies affecting wound management?

BM: Wound care is a challenging practice, especially in burn victims. Improving the tools used to provide and manage this care not only lowers health care costs, but reduces patient pain and suffering. For burn victims, from adults to young children, the suffering can be particularly acute, and helping these patients is what gets us up in the morning.

OO: How does Spectral MD’s DeepView Wound Imaging System help clinicians?

BM: Currently in burn care, care providers make treatment decisions with clinical judgment alone. Scientific literature indicates expert burn care providers make incorrect diagnoses of burn depth in as often as 30% of cases. Our non-invasive technology has the potential to make burn diagnosis earlier, with high accuracy. This could reduce diagnosis errors, lessen hospital stays, and even allow non-burn experts such as emergency room physicians to make better triage decisions.

OO: We have worked with Spectral MD for several years now. What made you choose us?

BM: Ocean Optics had the hardware, software and support we needed to get started on the project quickly. As our research has developed and matured, our use of Ocean Optics has grown as well, and your offerings have been able to meet our growing needs. We wouldn’t be where we are without Ocean Optics, and are excited about what your new technology means for the next generation of our devices!

Learn more about the wound management technology in this free downloadable E-book.

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