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Additional benefit of zeta potential analysis: understanding wettability and functionalities

This technique offers deeper insights into the surface chemistry of macroscopic surfaces

Contact angle and zeta potential provide information about the hydrophilic behavior and interfacial charge. Functionalities that are present on the surface determine the interaction with water and the formation of surface charge.

Strong correlations were found for polymer surfaces.

Advantages of the surface zeta potential analysis become apparent when contact angle measurements reach their limit or non-planar surfaces need to be investigated. You can find more detailed information about this topic in our white paper.

Let’s go even one step further: For polymer (and also ceramic) membranes the monitoring of filtration efficiency is paramount. Therefore, besides the analysis of the surface chemistry of membrane coatings and the investigation of cleaning processes via zeta potential measurements, especially the pore size and porosity are crucial. The combination of Anton Paar’s SurPASS 3 and Porometer 3Gz enables comprehensive analysis. Contact Anton Paar for free of charge sample testing.

Facts, background information, dossiers
  • porosity
  • hydrophilicity
  • functionalization
  • surface charge
  • SurPASS
  • Polymere
  • pore analysis
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