Low maintenance, affordable emission measurement

Continuously monitor up to 4 gases with a single robust ULTRAMAT 23 unit

To monitor exhaust gas emissions from combustion according to regulations or gases used in industrial processing, measurement and instrument maintenance should be straightforward, reliable and cost-efficient. This is why Siemens designed the robust ULTRAMAT 23 multi-component gas analyzer. This all-rounder can be configured to measure up to four gases simultaneously and around the clock, with a choice of detection methods and sensors to suit a wide range of applications. Its IR detector can determine up to three infrared-sensitive gases, and a UV photometer even smaller concentrations of SO₂ and NO₂. In addition, electrochemical or paramagnetic oxygen sensors can measure O₂, and an electrochemical H₂S measuring cell permits use in biogas applications. With its low measuring ranges, the economical ULTRAMAT 23 offers value for money that otherwise only high-end solutions do. Despite its versatility, the instrument is easy to use and low in maintenance – for example, daily autocalibration is performed with ambient air, so there is no need for calibration gases.

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