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Genevac, part of SP Scientific, develops and manufactures advanced evaporation and concentration systems for applications ranging from molecular biology to high speed chemistry using strong acids and aggressive solvents. Genevac has developed systems to deliver fast and safe unattended evaporation - leaving the user free for other tasks. In Europe, Genevac supports the freeze drier ranges supplied by the other members of SP Scientific, VirTis and FTS Systems.

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    Genevac wins major European Chemistry award for novel evaporator

    Genevac was awarded the prestigious Diploma for Analytical Chemistry by the Department of Chemistry at the University of Warsaw in recognition of the part played by the company's EZ-2 Personal Evaporator in chemistry research. The award came during the Eurolab 2005 exhibition held in the S ... more

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    Multi User Evaporator System for University Labs

    Designed to concentrate or completely dry samples the EZ-2 from Genevac is the evaporator of choice for hundreds of academic groups in chemistry, pharmacology, biology, natural product and environmental science departments worldwide. Benefiting from a suite of pre-programmed methods the EZ ... more

    Versatile Evaporator for Lab & Batch Processing Tasks

    The new Genevac Rocket Synergy series sets a new benchmark in sample evaporation versatility through offering automated evaporation of a wide range of sample formats and sizes, from millilitres to tens of litres. The Rocket Synergy can dry or concentrate up to six flasks, each containing a ... more

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