21-Mar-2005 - Genevac Ltd.

Genevac wins major European Chemistry award for novel evaporator

Genevac was awarded the prestigious Diploma for Analytical Chemistry by the Department of Chemistry at the University of Warsaw in recognition of the part played by the company's EZ-2 Personal Evaporator in chemistry research.

The award came during the Eurolab 2005 exhibition held in the Stalinist-Realist Palace of Science & Culture in the centre of Warsaw. The citation recognised the ease of use, sample capacity and good industrial design of the Genevac EZ-2 and noted its considerable benefits to chemists who need to remove organic solvents safely and without damaging their samples.

Receiving the Diploma on behalf of Genevac Ltd, Marketing Manager Steve Knight commented "This is a great day for the EZ-2, coming at the end of two years successful deployment in chemistry and drug discovery laboratories around the world. The Polish Academy of Sciences, together with Warsaw University, has selected only the best new products for this award. We are very proud and pleased to receive it on behalf of the great team that design and build the EZ-2 and our Polish partners, TK Biotech".

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