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Kunststoff- und Farben-GmbH, Germany


DEKA Kleben & Dichten GmbH, Germany

The DEKA Bonding & Sealing GmbH is the successor of decalin German Klebstoffwerke GmbH, which since its foundation in 1907 with the development, production and distribution of adhesives and sealants. Industry, craft, ventilation and renowned manufacturers of motorhomes and caravans , rely on our pr more

QMC Tecnología Química S.L,, Spain

QMC designs and manufactures chemical solutions for different industrial sectors, namely, Natural Stone and Ceramics, Civil Engineering, Energy and Industrial Coatings. Vanguard and development, creating solutions for the future. We develop creations that influence. QMC Tecnologia Química, a comp more

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Mixing and Degassing in one step with vacuum support

Reproducible - the mixing process is program-controlled and eliminates errors ✓ Swift - typical cycle times of 5 minutes or less ✓ Durable - mechanical gears for maximum durability and low wearout ✓ more

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  • KRAHN Chemie subsidiary Pemco Trigueros and the Spanish sales office join forces, forming KRAHN Iberia

    KRAHN Chemie bundles activities of its subsidiary Pemco Trigueros and the Spanish sales office under the name KRAHN Iberia to offer high-quality products for the markets lubricants, plastics, and adhesives & sealants. In January, KRAHN Chemie became the majority shareholder of Pemco Trigueros,  Addi more

  • Green adhesives made from whey

    In collaboration with TU Dresden, Fraunhofer researchers have developed a process for obtaining valuable, high-purity ethyl acetate from whey. This can be used, for example, to produce environmentally friendly adhesives, thereby replacing conventional ethyl acetate extracted from fossil-based raw ma more

  • Adhesion from Cold to Hot

    Researchers have developed a supramolecular adhesive that is recyclable and has outstanding gluing properties across a wide range of temperatures, from liquid nitrogen (−196 °C) up to oven-hot temperatures (plus 200 °C). As the team report in the journal Angewandte Chemie, the adhesive got its effic more

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What Causes the Smell of New & Old Books?

Everyone’s familiar with the smell of old books, the weirdly intoxicating scent that haunts libraries and second-hand book stores. Similarly, who doesn’t enjoy riffling through the pages of a newly purchased book and breathing in the crisp aroma of new paper and freshly printed ink? As with all arom more

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  • Staying power

    Geoscientists, biologists and chemists at the University of Tübingen are working in collaboration with IFAM (Fraunhofer Institute for Manufacturing Technology and Advanced Materials in Bremen, Germany) to uncover the workings of insect surface adhesion. The goal of this project is the synthesis of an adhesive based on insect secretions. more


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