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ADM Mainz GmbH, Germany


MEROIL, S.A., Spain

Meroil, S.A. operates a network of more than 200 fuel service stations throughout Spain. The company offers gasoline; unleaded petrol; diesel; gas oil for heating, agricultural vehicles and machinery, and ships and ports; biodiesel for use in various diesel vehicles; and synthetic engine lubricants. more

Bionor Transformacion, S.A., Spain

The BIONOR GROUP, belonging to the CIE Automotive Group, is the leading Spanish producer of bio-diesel. Bionor focuses its efforts on the production of biofuel with non-food commodities (used vegetable oil, animal fats, jatropha) more

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  • Microalgae-based conversion of carbon dioxide to biofuels

    Microalgae, algae that cannot be seen by the naked eye, absorb carbon dioxide and produce oils that can be used as biofuels. These biofuels, which can be carbon negative, offer promise as an alternative to conventional fossil fuels. However, the biological processes that allow these microalgae to pr more

  • Biodiesel made from discarded cardboard boxes

    Automobile exhaust emitted by fossil-fuel-based vehicles, especially those operating on diesel, is known to be a major source of fine dust and greenhouse gases. Using biodiesel instead of diesel is an effective way of coping with climate change caused by greenhouse gases while reducing fine dust emi more

  • Making biodiesel from dirty old cooking oil just got way easier

    Researchers have developed a powerful, low-cost method for recycling used cooking oil and agricultural waste into biodiesel, and turning food scraps and plastic rubbish into high-value products. The method harnesses a new type of ultra-efficient catalyst that can make low-carbon biodiesel and other more

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Biodiesel processor

Biodiesel processor A Biodiesel processor is a combination reaction vessel and still for producing biodiesel from vegetable oil . Industrial processors Batch processing is convenient for small production volumes (no more than 10,000 t/year). ... more


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