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ABID Biotreibstoffe AG, Austria


BioDiesel Vienna GmbH, Austria

Biodiesel Technologies (BDT) has its own production company in Lucenec (Slovakia). The company is offering several innovative technologies to produce alternative energies from all kinds of waste, like communal waste, used cooking oils, plastic waste, biomass and also from special energy plants. The more

Algenol Biofuels Inc., USA


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Individually configured pressure reactors offer easy handling, flexibility and functionality

PTFE lining for effective corrosion protection allows the use of highly corrosive media ✓ Flexibility and individuality - The modularly designed reactors are individually configured ✓ Easy handling - You simply open/close the quick-release fastener by hand without tools ✓ more

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  • Bacteria for blastoff: Using microbes to make supercharged new rocket fuel

    Converting petroleum into fuels involves crude chemistry first invented by humans in the 1800s. Meanwhile, bacteria have been producing carbon-based energy molecules for billions of years. Which do you think is better at the job? Well aware of the advantages biology has to offer, a group of biofuel more

  • Processing renewable raw materials instead of crude oil in refineries

    In the EU-funded project BioMates, the overall production process is now established and running on a validation scale. After producing 1000 kilograms of bio-oil in a test facility for the first time last year, this was another important step for achieving the project’s goal to establish a procedure more

  • Microalgae-based conversion of carbon dioxide to biofuels

    Microalgae, algae that cannot be seen by the naked eye, absorb carbon dioxide and produce oils that can be used as biofuels. These biofuels, which can be carbon negative, offer promise as an alternative to conventional fossil fuels. However, the biological processes that allow these microalgae to pr more

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Lovecraft Biofuels

Lovecraft Biofuels Lovecraft Biofuels is a Silverlake, California based company replaces a typical diesel engine with one that can run on vegetable oil. It was featured on the History Channel 's show Modern Marvels : Renewable Energy Sources ... more


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