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David Pierce – Is the President of GC Ovens and has over 35 years of industry experience in corporate management, manufacturing, domestic & international sales, laboratory applications support, and instrument design and development. He leads a highly charged team of electronic, mechanical, firmware, web, software, and production engineers. He earned B.S degrees in Chemistry, Animal Science and Microbiology from California State Polytechnic University in 1980. After graduating he worked as an Analytical Chemist managing environmental laboratories, then founded the data management software company Delta Perspective supporting the EPA. Later he transitioned into instrument sales, technical support and finally instrument design. He was the VP of Manufacturing for SRI Instruments for 6 years before founding DPS Instruments in 2005.

Susanne Schambeck – Is the Treasurer of GC Ovens and earned a MBA in Business from Friedrich-Wilhelms-University of Bonn, Germany with a major in Macroeconomics in 1992. She started her career by founding a private consulting company working as controller for several upstart companies. For the next 10 years she was a major shareholder and controller for Schambeck SFD GmbH, an analytical instrumentation company specializing in HPLC. Later she founded and is the President of DPS Instruments Europe GmbH, while still supporting additional companies as controller.

Richard Dolan – Is the Secretary of GC Ovens. Dick is actively retired, but still involved in an illustrious career in the Analytical Instrument sector that has spanned more than 50 years. Most notably Dick founded Alltech Associates one of the world’s largest chromatography supply companies that he later sold to Grace Discovery Services. We are ever in debt to Dick as mentor and coach.

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    Super-Charging GC´s World-Wide!

    The “Fluidless” Column Oven (FCO) is a device that can easily be installed in any GC or GC/MS for Fast analyses. How fast? Using the Standard-FCO analyses are up to 10 times faster than a conventional air bath oven. To achieve such speeds this unique device places a steady-state temperature ... more

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