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HQS Quantum Simulations is developing quantum algorithms to predict molecular properties for performance materials, specialty chemicals and pharmaceutical companies.

The development of specialty chemicals, performance materials, agrochemicals and pharmaceuticals is an iterative, time-consuming and often very expensive process: Designing products based on functional molecules, formulations or solid-state compounds requires many – often hundreds – subsequent synthesis, formulation and testing steps to yield the desired specifications. Simulations are a powerful tool to decrease the time-to-market and decrease cost for R&D and product development cycles, but can’t be used in an efficient way in many cases or is simply not advanced enough to tackle certain problems. Shifting from conventional to quantum computers promises to overcome these hurdles, but is not yet available for the chemical and pharmaceutical industry.

HQS algorithms are key to accelerate simulations and solve formerly unsolvable problems

Our proprietary software paves the way towards commercial quantum computing – starting right now. The HQS algorithms work both on conventional state-of-the-art computers and on quantum computers, allowing our clients to already tap into the potential of this new technology. We offer to increase the speed and efficiency of product development processes for our customers, widen the understanding of chemical and physical interactions which leads to better products and processes and faster development cycles.

HQS unlocks the potential of quantum computers – the value creation starts today

Soon, quantum computers will disrupt the way in which specialty chemicals, materials, agrochemicals and drugs are being developed. We offer our clients guidance to benefit from the quantum revolution at an early stage- New opportunities can be seized and the inherent threat of change can be mitigated – via briefing sessions, consulting services, pilot and joint development projects with HQS algorithms, as well as quantum simulation of molecules and processes.

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