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kiutra builds easy-access turn-key refrigeration solutions. Our all-electrical cooling devices combine magnetic refrigeration and closed-cycle pre-cooling to provide cryogenic temperatures cryogen-free and conveniently.

Cryogenic temperatures are a key prerequisite for research and development, and various industrial applications. The Physics Department at the Technical University of Munich has a long tradition in developing novel methods and devices providing these low temperatures. kiutra is a TUM spin-off launched at the Chair for the Topology of Correlated Systems. Our team brings in more than 50 years of experience in applied low-temperature physics and cryo-engineering.

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    Capital for Quantum cooling

    To calculate and solve complex problems faster than currently possible with supercomputers, to exchange information securely against eavesdropping and to determine physical quantities such as pressure, time, position, speed and magnetic fields with unprecedented accuracy: These promises and ... more

    Spin-off develops magnetic cooling system for extremely low temperatures

    The start-up kiutra is the first company in the world to have succeeded in developing a permanent magnetic cooling system to reach temperatures close to absolute zero. Such temperatures are, for example, required for the operation of quantum computers. The system was set up by a team of res ... more