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BASF Curtex S.A. is a 100% BASF group company and develops, produces and sells performance chemicals, mainly for the leather industry, the textile industry and pigment preparations for the colouring of plastics (Masterbatch), all of which are core businesses within the BASF Group. Its focus lies on specialties businesses with high complexity, strong technical (service) requirements and high competitive pressure.

BASF Curtex S.A. is specialised in manufacturing small batch sizes and in dealing with complex product ranges. Its products are exported to more than 60 countries worldwide.

History 1947 Founding of Curtex Industrias Sintéticas S.A.; production and sales of tanning chemicals 1966 Construction of present factory in Hospitalet - Barcelona (Spain) 1970 BASF Española becomes a partner and majority shareholder 1994 BASF Española acquires the remaining 25% held by Curtex Industrias Sintéticas S.A. 1997 Curtex Industrias Sintéticas changes its company name to BASF Curtex S.A. 2000 Transfer of the textile dyestuffs business to DyStar Hispania S.A. 2001 BASF Curtex S.A. is established as the headquarter of BASF’s Regional Business Unit for Performance Chemicals Leather Europe 2001 BASF Curtex S.A. sets up a permanent establishment in Portugal 2003 BASF Curtex S.A. assumes the responsibility for the BASF Masterbatch business on the Iberian Peninsula

BASF Curtex S.A.’s head office in Hospitalet comprises offices, state of the art production facilities, Research and Development laboratories applying the most advanced technologies in its field, as well as a logistics centre.

BASF Curtex S.A. operates sales and technical service centres in Spain (Lorca, Valencia, Igualada and Alcoy), in France (Graulhet) and in Portugal (Porto and Alcanena).

Its main production site in Hospitalet concentrates on products for the leather industry and pigment preparations for the colouring of plastics (Masterbatch). The second production site in Porto manufactures auxiliaries for the textile industry.

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