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accroma labtec Ltd. is the specialist in the field of automated sample preparation for separating analytical methods. The SamplePrep system accroma® converts manually executed sample preparations into an automated, precisely documented secondary process. This allows well-trained people to focus on the complex and exciting work without losing themselves in repetitive, monotonous work. We are a leader in automated sample preparation for HPLC / UPLC of solid materials such as tablets, powders or plant material, for research and development as well as QC in production.

The innovative Many2Many principle of the accroma® robot is unique. It eliminates the need to have larger quantities of identical samples in order to automate the preparation process economically. The advantages of automation are also made available to laboratories that have to process a wide variety of samples in small quantities every day.

Facts about accroma labtec
  • Focus : Manufacturer
  • Industry : Laboratory analysis / Laboratory measurement technology

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