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Exeter Analytical is a company dedicated to elemental analysis. Through many years continuous investment in product development and listening to its customers the Exeter Model CE-440 CHN/O/S Elemental Analyser, with its unique horizontal furnace design, is widely viewed to be the most accurate and precise analyser available on the market today, with the broadest range of sample applications.

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    Autotitration service delivers accurate & precise determination of halogens and sulphur

    Warwick Analytical Service, the analytical division of Exeter Analytical (UK) Ltd., has announced that recent investment in automated titration equipment will enable them to enhance their highly accurate and precise determination of halogens (Cl, Br, I) and sulphur as an analytical service. ... more

    Warwick: GMP compliant analytical services

    Warwick Analytical Service has announced that it has recently achieved GMP accreditation for its range of analytical services. Asked about the new accreditation Paul Hemming - European Sales Manager commented ' A growing number of organisations, especially in highly regulated areas such as ... more

    Exeter Analytical / WAS expand facilities in Warwick

    As a result of a strong growth in 2006, Exeter Analytical (UK) Ltd together with their sample analysis division, Warwick Analytical Service (WAS), have doubled the size of their modern offices / demonstration facility based in Warwick, UK. The new premises will house an enlarged CHN/O/S el ... more

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