Eurofins Danmark A/S


Eurofins Danmark performs sampling, analyses, and consultancy for a broad range of companies, authorities, and organisations. We offer state-of-the-art technology and know-how in order to enhance safety and quality of the processes, foodstuffs, and products that we use and consume, and the surrounding environment.

Eurofins engage more than 850 employees in Scandinavia - all experienced and competent chemists, engineers, pharmacists, ecotoxicologists, microbiologists, and technicians. We control highly advanced laboratory facilities, extensive measuring and sampling equipment, a vast selection of methods, and know-how on a high international level - consolidated by our connection to the international group Eurofins Scientific with branches in the United States and most of Europe. In Denmark we have constructed a line of competence centres within specific areas enabling us to provide our clients with optimal quality, a high service level, and complete solutions.

Our quality level is no mere coincidence. We aim at safeguarding quality and delivering products that match our clients’ expectations and needs. We are very conscious of the fact that the accuracy of our results and conclusions often forms the basis of far-reaching decisions.

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