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Asynt specialises in providing innovative technologies for the chemical synthesis sector.

Our core aim is to provide a unique range of products and services focused with the chemist in mind as well as complimentary products from other sources all supported and developed by chemists.

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    Sustainable High Efficiency Hydrogenation Biocatalysis

    UK-based HydRegen are using a DrySyn OCTO reaction station from Asynt to help develop a next generation biocatalyst system that enables cleaner, safer, and more efficient chemical manufacture. HydRegen spun-out from the Vincent Group in the Dept. of Chemistry at the University of Oxford in ... more

    Novel Mesoscale Segmented Flow Reactor

    In an ideal flow crystallizer, nucleation and growth occur at the same location and rate for a given set of parameters. Particles are well suspended with good mixing throughout the reactor, while plug flow is achieved. However until recently traditional flow crystallizers have been either d ... more

    New Company Focuses on Flow Chemistry

    Two Cambridge-based science companies have joined forces to develop a new concept in flow chemistry aimed at bringing this promising synthesis technique within the reach of every laboratory. Uniqsis was formed in January 2007 and is an alliance between Asynt, specialist supplier of organic ... more